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Paris Hilton white flower bag FOUND

on March 12th, 2009
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Paris Hilton and her new boyfriend Doug Reinhardt are in Hawaii. I guess if you are Paris Hilton it is not hard to meet men in Los Angeles.

Here is a photo of Paris Hilton all dressed in white taking the floral trend to the extreme with a floral headband, floral necklace, and flower shoulder bag in white. I reported about this great little bag in pink a few weeks back and here is Paris with the same bag in white. If you are interested in this bag, click here to buy it now.

Click here to buy the Brighton Flower White Bag worn by Paris Hilton here now.

I wonder if it is more difficult for normal women to
meet men in New York or in Los Angeles.

I think it is more difficult to meet someone in Los Angeles because it is so spread out. At least in New York City there are many opportunities to meet someone on a train, bus, or gathering place after work. People seem to gather less often in Los Angeles and spend way too much time alone in their cars. What do you think?

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