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ASH Cool Wedge Grey Sneakers seen on Bria Murphy

on December 15th, 2012
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I just found out that Bria Murphy is Eddie Murphy’s daughter. So that makes total sense now when I look at her. She is definitely beautiful and has the tall slim physique of her mom. She was seen sometime in April in Beverly Hills on Bedford in front of that nail salon where Kim Kardashian always goes and was seen wearing these Ash Cool Wedge Grey Sneakers. Of course she got them before everyone else back in April, but it is available now for the rest of us.

What I like about these Ash Cool Wedge Sneakers is the fact that they look like the classic high top sneakers we love on rappers from the 80’s. There is no feminine looking pointy toe on these high tops they just look like sneakers but with a secret 3 inch wedge inside of them to give you the height and comfort you want while looking casual at the same time in a pair of sneakers.

Buy the Ash Cool Wedge Sneakers in Gray now for $195.

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