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DesignInverso Chanel Boy Bag Lookalike in PVC love it or leave it for $177?

on February 10th, 2013
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Check out this DesignInverso PVC chain bag that resembles the Chanel boy bag. It is not leather, but it sure looks pretty darn good for $177. It is not trying to be a Chanel bag but it resembles the bag. I like it because it is made with high quality PVC and can be worn by a teenager who wants the look of a Chanel boy bag without shelling out $4000. AND for those of you who like mixing your luxury designers with avant garde new designers the DesignInverso chain bag is pretty darn cool.

It comes in 4 colors and the chains are either silver or gold depending on the color of the bag. I say go for it. It is $177 and looks darn good. Colors include blue, white, red, and black. Made in Italy.

Get the DesignInverso pvc bag now for $177.

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Chanel Boy Bag Holiday Gift Wishlist

on December 8th, 2012
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Boy oh boy what is on your wish list this first day of Hanukkah or for Christmas? My wishlist includes a few cashmere sweaters from JCrew, Denim from DL1961, a fur hooded coat from Moncler, boots from Rag & Bone, Hermes rose gold bracelet, and of course a black Chanel boy bag.

Blake Lively and Rachel Bilson among some celebrities have been seen toting the Chanel Boy bag in tote versions as well as shoulder bag versions.

One of my favorite versions is the newest to the collection where it has the shape of the Classic flap bag Chanel bag with a newer updated chain that can be doubled up or used as a cross body bag. The lock on the Chanel boy bag is nice and secure and truly a work of art. The chain and leather combinations make these bags truly special. This bag is a more modern version of the classic flap Chanel bag. As always the Chanel  black flap bag will be classic and recognizable and loved by everyone, however this new Chanel boy bag in its variety of colors, textures, leathers, designs, and hardware colors is truly a new modern inspiration that is here to stay.

After seeing the popularity of the Chanel boy bag sore in the fall of 2012, the new 2013 Spring collection is even more exciting with its woven and metallic combinations.

If you are looking for a black Chanel boy bag for yourself. Now is the time to get one. Think of it as a year end gift to yourself or drop the hint to your boyfriend, husband, best friend. Get the Chanel boy bag in black now at

One of my favorites is the Chanel boy bag in the black glazed leather with the word Chanel written on the top of the bag as if it is were on a binding of a book. Very cool for $4850.

There is also a more modern take on the Chanel boy bag in black made with a design of geometric pattern on the front of the bag. This bag and the other black bag above are sold out in most stores and the best of the collection for 2012. The Chanel Le Boy Bag is $4,998. is also offering 20% off a selection of Hermes birkins, Chanel black flap bags, Givenchy Pandora bags, Louis Vuitton bags, and Gucci bags online. Use coupon code CHEERS20 at checkout to get 20% off.

I saw a 30cm Camel Hermes Lindy for 20% off. This bag retails $6700 if you can find it in a store. At you can get it for $3800 after the 20% off coupon code. Shop now.

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