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Kim Kardashian platform ankle boots

on December 31st, 2009

Kim Kardashian and Kate Hudson have been spotted with the same Stella McCartney Falabella chain tote bag in black. 

This bag is pretty popular amongst the celebrities considering its slouchy tote shape. I am not the biggest fan of this bag since it is flat and does not have a lot of defining details and is not leather. I am more of a Chanel gal myself. If I were to buy a bag with a chain link on it for over $1,800, it would be a Chanel Maxi bag at the moment.

My big question is, where did Kim Kardashian get her amazing black platform booties with the 5 inch heels and the reptile detail? I love those boots. If you have any idea, will you tell me? I am stumped this time. She was seen with them in Beverly Hills yesterday. 

Make a comment. For now, I suppose I can get a pair of these ALDO Desano Ankle Boots to fill the void. 

If you love chain links on your bags and on your boots which is a hot trend this season, how about these Dolce Vita Flash Multi Chain Booties? Click the photo to get a closer look. I think they are just beautiful.

Dolce Vita Flash Multi Chain Booties

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