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Fairytale brownies insomnia cookies ???

on April 21st, 2009
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Fairytale Brownies and Insomnia Cookies? Great names for baked good companies. My favorite is still my favorite. I know the best cookies, cupcakes, and brownies in town come from Mrs Beasleys. Mrs Beasleys is the CELEBRITY FAVORITE in Los Angeles for baked goods delivered to loved ones outside of Los Angeles or in Los Angeles.

If you need a mother’s day gift, or a care package for a college student. Check out these mouthwatering photos below and click them. Buy it and have it sent to your loved one today.

I bought my daughter 2 cupcakes this afternoon in the 90 degree sweltering heat after her tennis lesson and she was so happy. I bought the mini ones too. One flavor was peanut butter chocolate and the other was the chocolate with the vanilla frosting and the chocolate sprinkles. You can choose your favorites below.

Click photos below to check out all your choices for showers, Mother’s Day, birthdays, care packages and so much more.

Baby Boy Cookie Bouquet, 5 Cookies

Mrs. Beasley's Dessert Bar Box, 18 Bars

Birthday Cookie Bouquet, 5 Cookies

Mrs. Beasley's Hollywood Birthday Box, 12 Servings

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