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Hermes Birkin Barenia 35CM BAG – HOLY GRAIL of Birkins

on June 10th, 2013
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Hermes Birkin Barenia 35CM BAG – HOLY GRAIL of BirkinsAT this point thanks to the Kardashians everyone know what a Hermes Birkin bag is – but do any of you know what the Barenia birkin is? The Barenia leather in the birkin bag is considered the holy grail of the birkin leathers because it is no longer being made and is the natural vegetable dyed leather that is still used today to make the Hermes horse saddles. They made a few of the barenia leather bags in the 90’s and then stopped making the barenia bags because of the leather shortage that Hermes started experiencing in finding high quality leathers to make those barenia birkin bags. The barenia leather is the most exquisite velvety leather to the touch and anyone who can get their hands on a barenia bag will usually never let it go. Every so often you will come upon a barenia bag and usually it is never the right size, but once in a long while you will find the 35cm and it will be in great condition and then it is just whether or not you can get your hands on it fast enough. The Barenia leather is a leather that is meant to be enjoyed and worn in. Just like the leather on the Hermes horse saddles, the patina will continue to darken with age and take on the gorgeous cognac tone. Some scratches will happen on the bag and that is all part of the leather’s natural personality and is for the woman who is a real collector of the Hermes bags. If you own Hermes bags and do not own the barenia leather you must own this one. It is really a collector’s piece.

Check out this Hermes barenia birkin 35cm here now.


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Hermes and Prada Holiday Gift Giving for Yourself – A Green Guide

on November 10th, 2012
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It is that holiday gift giving time of year again and you are probably getting invitations to parties and booking trips to go see your families. Gift giving is always a stressful time of the year and you will need to figure out what to get your husband’s brother’s wife or your mother in law’s boyfriend for holiday gifts, but while doing that why not take a little time and give yourself something special for this time of year. You work hard you deserve it. What is it that you have wanted all year? Is it a Hermes birkin bag? A pair of Prada shoes? a Rag & Bone jacket?

This year we thought we would make gift giving even more rewarding for you to shop designers for yourself for the holidays by thinking Green. Why not look at items that may have been pre loved? When you buy something preowned you can get quite a great deal. You can also find items that are very hard to find or no longer being made. So many great finds can be found when you are not looking to shop for your favorite designers in the same place where everyone else is shopping. You may end up with a highly coveted piece that the designer no longer makes. Also you may find something for a loved one to fill your gift giving quota.

Case in point – the following items were rare finds on that I thought you may be interested in. They are all designers and in great condition. Think GREEN this holiday and save.

Rag & Bone Navy blazer regular $595 now 80% off

Rag & Bone sold out turquoise blazer regular $595 now 70% off

Hermes tie neck sweater regular $750 now $99

Hermes Barenia Birkin bag in 35cm – no longer made – highly coveted – found at – lowest price online if you can find it at all and they accept layaway. Wish list – birkin bag – check. Why not buy the rarest of the rare of the Hermes birkin bag?

Prada nude pink ballerina flats – sold out in all stores FOUND here.

Helmut Lang black v neck cowl top $225 now $69 so gorgeous.

Tory Burch sandals still on site for regular price for 50% off

Theory drape neck top on sale for 70% off

Iris Apfel turquoise chain link necklace so chic

J Crew v neck cardigan with flower 

Amazing strapless black dress like one seen on Angelina Jolie

Pocket Watch Necklace 

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Hermes Birkin 20% off Sale

on June 14th, 2012
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Shop’s Best Values in Bags – Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more up to 85% off estimated retail price

They are also having a weekend sale that includes Hermes Birkins and Hermes Kelly bags for 20% off. Other bags that will be part of this sale include an amazing Chloe grey hobo bag, Balenciaga bags, Chanel alligator bags, Prada bags, and more. We are particularly in love with this pink Hermes kelly bag.

Start: Friday, June 15th at 12 noon EST
End: Monday, June 18th at 11:59 PM EST
Get an EXTRA 20% off select Luxury bags, shoes and accessories at Sale ends June 18th at 11:59 PM EST. Use code CJEXTRA20 at checkout.
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Hermes Barenia Birkin in Hawaii

on January 9th, 2012
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You know those gnome photos people take when they travel? Why not start a new tradition where you post photos of your Hermes birkin bag when you travel. For instance Jane Birkin would appreciate this photo of the well used Hermes aged barenia leather birkin stuffed with daily essentials being used while hanging out watching surfing in Waikoloa on the Big Island of Hawaii Kona. After all the original design for Jane Birkin by Hermes was to give her more function from her Kelly bag. The birkin is made to hold stuff and this is how the bag ia being used. Bags should be used and the birkin bag in the 35cm was made to be used.


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Hermes Black Box Calf Birkin 35cm Palladium Hardware FOUND

on January 27th, 2011

GIFT IDEA for Valentine’s Day – There has been a lot of talk lately about how self gifting is good for stress relief and just generally good for you this holiday season. I cannot agree more. If there is a time that you want to splurge and get yourself something now is the time. Did you always want that Hermes Birkin bag? Why don’t you consign some of your other bags and get one dream bag? Or if you don’t need to consign bags and are just looking for the perfect Hermes Birkin just think about how you normally dress and how it could fit into your lifestyle.

Would you wear your Tom Ford sunglasses, Tory Burch boucle Chanel jacket, leather pants, and ankle booties? Would you wear this look while strolling in New York City this Christmas? Would you use it as an everyday bag ala Jane Birkin? I love the overstuffed look of having all of your office files or clothing in the Hermes birkin bag. My feeling is that the Hermes birkin bag should not be a bag that you only pull out for special occasions it should be your go to every day bag. That is why I love buying my Hermes birkin bags from reputable online consignment boutiques because the bag has already been preowned and you don’t have to worry about babying it. The other great thing is that consignment stores will get bags from different years so you may find a Hermes black box calf 35cm with Palladium Hardware which Hermes no longer makes. Or if you are really luck you may find a Hermes Barenia Birkin bag with gold hardware in 35cm that is no longer being made because of the worldwide leather shortage. Whatever bag you decide you want, the consignment stores are always a great place to look. You will get somewhat of a more one of a kind piece then going to the Hermes store and hoping to find a birkin and be relegated to buying whatever color they have available in the store at the time.

Little Birdie told me that I Want That Bag in Beverly Hills just got a Hermes box calf black birkin bag in Palladium Hardware in 35cm in a few days ago. Ask them about it. Here is their phone number (310) 274-9696. It is still available in the store no longer on Ebay.

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