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Sans Age Celebrity facial cream

on October 2nd, 2009
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For my 3rd New Year’s Resolution, I decide good skin had to become my priority now that I am getting way past my 30’s. I recently discovered Hollywood’s best kept secret in Beverly Hills. For those of you who have been using some other well known facial cream at $250 for 1 oz. you should try the Sans Age total delivery creme 1 oz. I ordered mine a few months ago and started using it night and day as my daily facial creme. I could not believe the results I got from the Sans Age – total delivery creme. I was used to using the La Mer $250 1 ounce moisturizer daily and was reluctant to give up the luxury for another brand. Once I tried this, I knew I found a winner. I have very sensitive skin and was worried about a cream that would make my face inflamed, but this
Sans Age – total delivery creme
did not inflame my face at all and gave me smooth radiant healthy skin. If you are looking for a change try it.

Click the photo below to try it now.
Here are a few testimonials:


I am writing to thank you for your marvelous line of products. As a former agent to many well-known stars and also having to help those in my own family look their best, I have been constantly searching and trying products from all the major companies for over twenty years. Well, I want you to know that my search is over. Your products – all of them – are quite simply great. I have never seen results like these, in rejuvenation, luster and tone. If this stuff had been available twenty years ago Hollywood would have looked a lot better! If she were alive today, my grandmother Marlene Dietrich would have been your best customer – she, like I, knows when something actually works and isn’t just a lot of “hype”. All continued success, which in my opinion is assured.

J. David Riva, Director/ProducerI am hooked. I always thought I had to pay a fortune and did (sometimes up to $500.00 for eye cream) for products and then to find out they did not work. All of them were just hype. Your products are not only the very best I have ever used, but so affordable. I have turned all my girlfriends on to your products and they also are raving about them. Your eye revise and transdelivery C are truly the best products I have used. I can actually feel them work. Thanks again.

Laurie P., Boston, Mass.I want to thank you for your products. After spending thousands of dollars on my skin care, I finally have found a line that actually delivers what it says it can and at a price I can afford. I have suffered from sun damaged skin most of my adult life (I am 55) and thanks to sans age, I can now say I see a big improvement. My husband is so impressed he has started using them also. Your total delivery creme is the best on the market. Thanks again!

Sandra M., Miami, Florida

Sans Age - total delivery creme 1 oz. - Beauty

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Chanel Cruise 2009 Collection at Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills September 18, 2008

on September 18th, 2008
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Chanel : Cruise 2009 Shoe Collection

This is the only photo I got of the trunk show at Beverly Hills today September 18, 2008 from 5P-7P. There were lots of Saks Marketing People, PR people, and Chanel People there who told me that I could not take photos of their Cruise Collection because it is going to be shown on their Chanel site in December 2008.

So, I only got a photo of the table with my drink and pistachio cupcake and the rest I downloaded from the web from the Chanel Miami Cruise Collection 2009 show including the whole show from Youtube.

Here is what I saw today at Saks and my review: the return for Chanel Cruise 2009 is the CAMELLIA Jelly Thong Sandal.

Yes, I know you were all awaiting the return of this shoe and I have a pair in the black with the white flower and a pair with the white thong sandal with the black flower.

This coming season they will be bringing the sandals back with different colors. There was one pair in black with a clear camelia, a pair in a clear color, and a pair of orange camelia with a buckle around the ankle which was also very cute.

The models came out with white trench coats and black flat sandals with gold small cc’s on the back of the heels. Underneath, they wore tank swim suits in white or black with the word CHANEL across the back bottom of the suits. They wore big white sun hats and lots of Chanel jewelry.

The big message was pastels and patent leather. Gray was a big color, and the strappy gladiator is returning for another season. There were some amazing black messenger bags with the Chanel sneakers for the casual look, and the classic flap bag in a patchwork of 3 colors pink, gray, and white to give you that very 70’s feel.

My least favorite were the wedge peep toe spats looking shoes Chanel showed in all black leather like the photo here and the black and white lattice. I did not get the look. Unless you are 6 feet tall with mile long legs, I think this look would only make your legs look chunky. I will stick with my platform Simple 100 Nude Christian Louboutins anytime.

Overall, Chanel gave a nice collection. I would have to say the must have AGAIN will be the camellia jelly thong sandal or the ankle buckle jelly. They are affordable and great for Spring into summer or all year round if you live in a warm climate. The gladiator gray platform sandals are the must have if you want a high heel for the season. It is all about gray.

If you want the Camellia Jelly Sandals and Thongs before they sell out again this season – call Ann Kazangian at Saks at 310 887 5350 and let her know Shopping and Info gave you her info and she will put you on the list for when the shoes come in. Happy Shopping.

Also, go to Saks in Beverly Hills between September 21, 2008 and September 27, 2008 to view the FALL 2008 Jimmy Choo collection and enter to win a pair of your own Jimmy Choo shoes.

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Lukas Haas were seen shopping on Wednesday in Beverly Hills

on August 19th, 2008
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Leonardo DiCaprio and Lukas Haas were seen shopping in Beverly Hills this past week. Although it was 80 plus degrees out Lukas Haas was wearing his black leather jacket. It is a pretty cool jacket so he probably likes to wear it whenever it is a little breezy. Was there a breeze in Beverly Hills? We found a great Mackage leather jacket for you here.

Just click our link and get it for Fall or right now and wear it like Lukas Haas. Click here or the photo below to get an amazing jacket to get Lukas Haas’ look:
S.W.O.R.D. Saluzzo Puffy Leather Jacket

S.W.O.R.D. Saluzzo Puffy Leather Jacket

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