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Sylva and Cie Evil Eye Bracelet in Rose Gold – WISHLIST

on September 27th, 2012
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For a big birthday, a great gift for yourself should be something grand like this Sylva and Cie evil eye rose gold bracelet. The enamel eye surrounded by diamonds on a thick rose gold chain makes this one of a kind piece a must have. You will not see every other person walking around with this bracelet like some other jewelry you might see. Sylva and Cie only make one of a kind pieces and will custom make something for you in a gem color or metal color variation through one of their luxury retailers so whatever you buy will be the only one on earth.

I know many people would rather have a Cartier Love Bracelet  because it is readily recognizable as a status symbol piece of jewelry, but say you already have a status symbol piece of jewelry or have decided you just want to have something so unique that every time you look at it you know that no one else owns it in the world, then Sylva and Cie is a designer you should look for when looking for a piece of jewelry.

My eye is on this Sylva and Cie pink enamel diamond rose gold bracelet. Fingers crossed I will get it for my big birthday coming up.

Sylva and Cie jewelry is available at Saks and other fine jewelers. Retail on this bracelet is $6300.

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