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Twilight New Moon Bella Mittens

on December 3rd, 2009
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We have gotten a few emails about Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart’s gray mittens that she wore in Twilight and New Moon recently and we wanted to let you know that these mittens are sold out everywhere in this exact style. We have found a great pair of Jessica Simpson knit Mittens in gray with Pom Poms that look really warm and cozy. Click here to check them out now.

For those of you who are Alice Cullen fans check out these gray fingerless gloves I found for you. They have that gray cabled feel of Bella Swan’s mittens with the fingerless style that Alice Cullen wears in the New Moon movie. I love this gray cable look because it is classic with a twist. Click here to get a pair of fingerless gloves in gray to channel your inner Alice Cullen.

If you have read all the Twilight books and have now seen the Twilight and New Moon movies and are waiting for the Eclipse movie to come out and you want to channel your inner Bella Swan.
Click here for Bella Swan’s brown jacket from Twilight and New Moon now.

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