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Hermes Birkin Barenia 35CM BAG – HOLY GRAIL of Birkins

on June 10th, 2013
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Hermes Birkin Barenia 35CM BAG – HOLY GRAIL of BirkinsAT this point thanks to the Kardashians everyone know what a Hermes Birkin bag is – but do any of you know what the Barenia birkin is? The Barenia leather in the birkin bag is considered the holy grail of the birkin leathers because it is no longer being made and is the natural vegetable dyed leather that is still used today to make the Hermes horse saddles. They made a few of the barenia leather bags in the 90’s and then stopped making the barenia bags because of the leather shortage that Hermes started experiencing in finding high quality leathers to make those barenia birkin bags. The barenia leather is the most exquisite velvety leather to the touch and anyone who can get their hands on a barenia bag will usually never let it go. Every so often you will come upon a barenia bag and usually it is never the right size, but once in a long while you will find the 35cm and it will be in great condition and then it is just whether or not you can get your hands on it fast enough. The Barenia leather is a leather that is meant to be enjoyed and worn in. Just like the leather on the Hermes horse saddles, the patina will continue to darken with age and take on the gorgeous cognac tone. Some scratches will happen on the bag and that is all part of the leather’s natural personality and is for the woman who is a real collector of the Hermes bags. If you own Hermes bags and do not own the barenia leather you must own this one. It is really a collector’s piece.

Check out this Hermes barenia birkin 35cm here now.


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Hermes Birkin bag BARENIA FOR SALE

on October 25th, 2012
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If you have ever heard about the highly coveted holy grail of bags – The Hermes Birkin bag in the all natural barenia saddle leather – you have probably heard how hard it is to find.

You may also have heard that it is for the person who really likes their bags to age. You may have seen the bag in movies and sold on sites for $14,000, but never in person. I found recently at a more reasonable price for those of you who have been searching for this bag.

Fashionphile recently got one in. It has been previously loved however a Hermes barenia birkin bag is supposed to be used and given the ability to age like saddle leather. It usually darkens in patina, but is a very tough leather. So it will never break or crack and it gives it tons of character.

Hermes sales associates often discourage taking the Hermes birkin bag in the barenia leather to the Hermes spa because it is supposed to wear with character.

So for those of you who want a NEW looking bag this is not the one for you. For those of you who love the look of a great pair of distressed boots and want your bag to have that same type of character then the barenia is the right leather for you. I happen to love it.

These bags are usually hard to find and this one is priced under the retail price of a Hermes birkin bag in the 35cm size. Last I checked the 30cm size of the Hermes birkin bag was going for $8950 before their price increase. I think it is closer to $9500 for the 30cm now. Not only is a Hermes birkin bag but it is a barenia bag.

Hermes Barenia Birkin bag from for $8,950.

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Cartier Rose Gold Arm Party

on January 28th, 2012
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Another great arm party tonight is a fun play on the Cartier Love bracelet. You take a Cartier rose gold love bracelet, a Cc Skye spikey take on a love bracelet, a leather bracelet with screws by Cc Skye, and a Hermes barenia leather etruviere double wrap bracelet and you have a fun party!

Send me your photos to be featured in a arm party feature next week.

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Hermes Barenia Birkin in Hawaii

on January 9th, 2012
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You know those gnome photos people take when they travel? Why not start a new tradition where you post photos of your Hermes birkin bag when you travel. For instance Jane Birkin would appreciate this photo of the well used Hermes aged barenia leather birkin stuffed with daily essentials being used while hanging out watching surfing in Waikoloa on the Big Island of Hawaii Kona. After all the original design for Jane Birkin by Hermes was to give her more function from her Kelly bag. The birkin is made to hold stuff and this is how the bag ia being used. Bags should be used and the birkin bag in the 35cm was made to be used.


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