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The Hills Chanel quilted bags

on September 30th, 2009
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The Hills are alive with Chanel bags ! Lauren Conrad is still carrying her vintage Jumbo XL Chanel quilted bag and Audrina Patridge was seen carrying a cross body mini version of the black classic quilted Chanel bag in black. Chanel is still a great classic and everyone is Hollywood is either carrying the Chanel classics or an Hermes Birkinthese days. If the Chanel is out of your budget, how about renting one for a week? Click here to borrow a Chanel quilted classic flap bag for a few weeks.

I found Audrina Patridge’s Wallet on a Chain by Chanel here.
Click the banner below to start borrowing Chanel bags now. As a first time renter, you get a $60 credit too!
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Check out daily and be on the look out on where the best places to buy Chanel bags are. We also blog about Chanel promos and discount, so you can get those Chanel designer purses you’ve always wanted.

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Celebrities designer Chanel bags and YSL bags

on January 10th, 2009
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The other day I was looking at all the celebrities with their Chanel bags and I thought to myself, I want the gray bag that Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Jessica Parker have been carrying around. Then I thought, but I also want the one that Ashley Tisdale used in early 2008. Then of course I looked in my closet and thought well, I have quite a few bags and a few Chanel bags that I don’t often use and should I purchase another bag or should I try Bag Borrow or Steal ? Click here to get Kim Kardashian’s black Balenciaga now.

I have always wondered about Bag Borrow or Steal and a friend of mine recently turned me onto it. She said it was like Netflicks for bags. Isn’t that a funny way of describing this service? Apparently, you get a bag in the mail and return it within 30 days and you can rent another bag. So instead of using your Chanel once in a while and then leaving it in your closet, you send it back to use another bag.

I tried Bag Borrow or Steal and got my first bag in the mail a few weeks ago and am really enjoying my fresh new bag. However, I am already ready to get another bag, so I am going to return this bag and get another bag. I am thinking about the YSL tribute bag that Cameron Diaz carries around. I think that will be my next bag. You can even rent a Hermes Birkin bag. How amazing would it be to rent a Hermes Birkin for a month?

So many bags so many choices. I really can get used to this. The bags are all guaranteed to be authentic. Click Bag Borrow or Steal to start browsing all the different Chanel, YSL, and Louis Vuitton choices now.

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