The Perfect Black Cashmere Sweater

Sometimes it is tough to find the perfect black cashmere sweater. I have searched everywhere and recently found a few I really like. The perfect black cashmere sweater cannot have too many bells and whistles and cannot be too tight, too long, too wide, or too low cut. The simpler the design the harder it […]

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Lilac Pink Bags and Everything Else

Lilacs and Pinks are also festive colors people like to wear during the Lunar New Year. It can be difficult to search and find a great lilac or pink bag or shoes for that matter. I did a round up of some of my favorites for the lunar new year. My favorites include the Rebecca Minkoff pink […]

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puffer jacket

Quilted Jackets and Quilted Backpacks

The great news is that LA is coming out of its 5 year drought. We have are about 40% out of our drought. We need more rain. Luckily we are getting more rain. As a result I have been able to take my Moncler jackets out of storage and wear them. The last […]

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