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Kreation Amazon Bowls and Francois Pinton Sunglasses

on October 1st, 2014
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Amazebowls are one of the biggest new trends out there for all of us healthy lifestylers in Los Angeles and I am loving these like a treat a day healthy bowls. Amazabowls are basically smoothies as a base topped with fresh fruit, bee pollen, raw honey and fruit. I love them and after an intense workout there is nothing more filling and better for your body.

The one I got today was Kreation and is called the Coco bowl made with acai, bananas, cocoa, and topped with gluten free granola, raw honey, bee pollen, and chopped strawberries and apples.

Sunglasses by Francois Pinton. The Jacky 2. From Hotel De Ville on Sawtelle in Los Angeles.



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