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What to Buy NOW for FALL 2013

on July 29th, 2013
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What to Buy NOW for FALL 2013 – It is only July 28, 2013 you tell yourself. The stores have fall fashion in now, but you will try to ignore it until it is cold. I want to do that too. But think of it as good planning. Don’t wait until it is freezing before running out to get a pair of boots or that great winter coat. Then you will just buy a bunch of stuff you don’t want like when you are hungry and run to shop for food at the grocery store. Strategically and methodically plan your purchases for Fall 2013 now and you will be happy later.

Here are some of my picks for fall 2013.

1. Lanvin knee high riding boots for $1,590.

2. Red Valentino black coat with white trim and gathered waist – $1171.50

3. J Kennedy Cashmere Sweater for $248

4. Chanel boy bag in gorgeous bright green OR Chanel lego bag – call Chanel boutiques

5. Michael Kors black sunglasses for $99

6. Turquoise pop of color coral bracelet found at Flea Market

7. Isabel Marant black cashmere scarf for $455

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