Gucci Yellow Matelasse Shoulder Bag

Gucci-Matelasse Marmont Yellow bagA must have bag for the season has got to be one of the Gucci logo bags. The color of the season is the yellow bag. If you are wanting a bag for spring even though there is a snow storm coming your way, order the yellow bag now so that you can be ready for spring and summer. Or carry the yellow bag now to cheer yourself up from another cold snowy day. I love this Gucci yellow matelasse bag because it is the perfect size to carry to any spring graduation, wedding, or day out. If you wear a lot of neutral colors this bag will really help perk up your outfit.Gucci-Yellow-Marmont-bag


Ulla Johnson Flutter Sleeve Top

Ulla Johnson lace topMy favorite Ulla Johnson dress has now been turned into the perfect Ulla Johnson flutter sleeve top for spring. It may be snowing in New York City at the moment, but before you know it – it will be warm again and you will want to have a great looking top to wear with your pants for work or your torn boyfriend jeans for weekend brunches. This top will do everything you want it to do and more. Get this Ulla Johnson here now. Pair the top with a great looking wide leg pant like this one from Ulla Johnson and you have a chic look for any occasion.

Stella McCartney Star Platform Shoes

Stella McCartney Star platform shoesWhen Stella McCartney first came out with these platform star shoes, I was really not into them. I liked the fact that you could get 6 inches of extra height from them while never hurting your feet, but the look of them were too Battle Star Galactica for me. Long story short, months later, I am coveted these rose gold Stella McCartney wooden platform shoes because they are pretty cool and I need them to go with my black jumpsuit I recently acquired from Kobi Halperin. AND if you buy both together you can get up to $600 back from during their gift card event.

LalaLand Artwall with my Gucci ish Jacket

Gucci ish silver jacketI had so much fun taking a photo at this Lalaland Artwall the other day in Los Angeles. Make a comment and ask me where it is and I may tell you where it is located. As  for what I am wearing, this is the best part, this Gucci ish silver jacket with the red and navy signature Gucci stripe is not from Gucci. Crazy right? Get it here and you will get the look. You can of course get the Gucci jacket from Gucci here if you want. Either way you will be styling wherever you are.

Add sunnies from Linda Farrow to the look as well as some fun platform pom pom sneakers, black distressed jeans and a cool black top and you are all set. My favorite black pom pom platform sneakers happen to be from Sam Edelman and they are as comfortable as a pair of sneakers. For $100, these are perfect to wear with a skirt, leggings, or denim all spring and summer. My distressed denim pick is from AG Jeans because they make the best distressed denim for petite gals under 5 feet 4 inches tall in my opinion. Get the ones I am wearing here. My Linda Farrow cat eye sunglasses can be found here.

My advice to all of you who are looking for something fun to do on the weekends. Get in the car and explore your city and find a fun artwall to snap a picture. You will find yourself in a different neighborhood every time and you may find a great place for lunch too.

Balmain Logo Tee and Bardonna Cafe

Balmain logo teeWhat can be better than a fun day out wearing your new favorite logo tee with an old favorite leather jacket to eat at some of the fun places in town like Bardonna in Santa Monica. It was a perfect rainy morning yesterday in Los Angeles and we ventured out for some Sunday fun. I wore my old favorite a 3.1 Phillip Lim ruffle leather jacket that is now available for less than 60% off retail at a few places with my new Balmain logo tee and a pair of Linda Farrow sunnies. Mixing old favorites with new is the perfect way to elevate your outfit of the day.

Find my 3.1 Phillip Lim ruffle leather jacket here for $399 in black or here for $355 in burgundy. Original price $1,295 – I even found it here pre owned in black for $195 if it is still available.

My sunnies from Linda Farrow are available here and here on sale pre owned.

Get my Balmain logo tee here for $175 which is less than what I have found elsewhere for $205.

Another fun place we visited yesterday was Flower Child in Santa Monica which served delicious vegan and gluten free healthy dishes like avocado hummus and forbidden rice bowls. The wall art was fun too. Always great to just take a breather from a long work week and relaxing and playing tourist in your own city.

Balmain logo tee

Balmain logo tee



Hermes Medor Watch and Rose Gold Birkenstocks with Sweatpants

Rose Gold birkenstocksSometimes all you need are accessories to liven up a look. If you have a great pair of atheisure sweatpants and a sweatshirt, you just need the right accessories to bring your look to the next level. I often love to glam up my sweats with just the right bags, jewelry or shoes. You just need the right combo to make your look go from plain to luxurious.

What I love about my Rose Gold Birkenstocks is the fact that you can wear them with a Hermes Medor watch and they would look perfect together because of their gold toned colors. My outfit in the photo above with the black Nesh straightleg sweatshirt and sweatpants from works great because the all black sleek ensemble is suddenly brightened up with the edgy Hermes pyramid stud gold watch and the rose gold Birkenstocks. Always think contrasting colors when you want to liven up an outfit and you will find a winning combination.

Chanel Backpacks and Why You Should Consider Consignment

Chanel backpacksIf you have never consigned your bags, now is the time to think about consigning your used Chanel, Celine, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and other designer bags. Used is what they call the “new new”. This means that when you are tired of your beloved Chanel or Gucci bag, you can consign it and get money back to buy a brand new bag that you love or a pre loved bag from the same place for less than retail. I think consignments are the best new way to get new bags these days if you are buying a bag that has been in the stores for a little bit. There is always someone who bought the bag way before anyone else and is already wanting to get a new bag. For example, my 2 favorite Chanel backpacks are already available pre loved. The Chanel quilted leather backpack is already available here and the Chanel black nylon backpack is already available here.  If you can save up to 30% off the retail price, why not get the bag you wanted a few months ago online for less. The best thing to do is then to consign some of your bags that you no longer use as much with these companies as well. This way, you will have some money to buy the new bags that you want from them without spending a lot of money out of pocket. It is really a win win.

The companies I recommend for consignment include Vestiaire Collective and The Real Real. These companies will help you photograph your consigned bags and sell them for you so you do not have to worry about answering questions, shipping or returns. The hassle free method of selling your luxury handbag online will allow you to find your next beloved bag without worrying about how your will sell your old bag that has been sitting in your closet unused for the last year or more.

What is on your wishlist for your next new bag?

Lalaland Yellow Handbag and Blue Halter Dress

LA LA Land soundtrackI had the best day today. After years of waiting for my daughter to watch a movie with me (she is now 12 years old), we went to see Lalaland together. It was the most beautiful movie with gorgeous dream sequences and fun costumes. After the movie tonight, I found myself humming to the theme song in the movie and thinking that I needed a halter dress and a yellow handbag like Emma Stone’s character in the movie. If you are feeling the same way, here are some yellow handbags and halter dresses that I picked out for us to think about if we want to channel our inner Emma Stone in the Lalaland movie.

Get the Lalaland soundtrack here now.

Get a yellow handbag from Celine like the one that Emma Stone’s character carried in Lalaland here. If you want to channel Emma Stone’s character with a yellow dress like she has on in the photo above, get this yellow dress here.

For the blue halter dress Emma Stone wore, you can buy a modern version in black from, or one in the same cobalt navy from

Gucci Channels Elvis in Vegas

Gucci as elvis jacketGucci is now channeling Elvis in Vegas for their spring 2017 looks. Their shoes are platforms that look like something Elvis or Liberace would have worn during the 70’s in concert in Las Vegas. Their jackets are over the top with bug motifs all over them. I just do not understand who will be buying these jackets, pants, or shoes from Gucci this season unless they are Lady Gaga performing at Coachella. The oddest has got to be the gold platform shoes with the gems on them. They almost harken back to a style of shoe that Mozart may have worn during this time when men wore platforms.

Here are my picks for oddest from Gucci this season – the Gucci as Elvis or Liberace jacket seen above, the Gucci gold platform shoes, the Gucci colorblock platforms seen below, and the Gucci sandal with the latex sock also seen below. What are your picks? Make a comment.

Gucci latex sandal

Gucci colorblock platforms