Adidas Custom Superstar Sneakers

custom-adidas-superstar-shoesEver think to yourself that bespoke or custom sneakers are only for people who own multinational companies? Do you think if only I owned a record label or a Silicon Valley company then I could have custom kicks? Recently I saw a woman wearing the coolest pair of custom Adidas sneakers and I asked her where she got them? She told me that she got them from I could not believe it since her sneakers had an ostrich print all over them and looked like a pair of $500 Italian sneakers. She told me that you could basically pick any color and any type of leather print to customize your own pair of sneakers. As soon as she told me, I got on the computer and played around to make my own pair of custom sneakers. After making about 10 pairs, I have narrowed it down to 2 pairs that I will actually have made for me. The shoes take 3-7 weeks, but the wait is worth it considering you will then have a one of a kind pair of sneakers made just for you. What could be better right? Here is a pair I have been playing around with online. Yay or nay?

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Joseph Nogucci Zen Obsidian Bracelet

Joseph-Nogucci-BraceletJoseph Nogucci Zen Obsidian Bracelet – On a Sunday night I usually ask myself what it is gonna take for me to get through another busy week with work, family, and other life stresses. Sometimes it is a workout class in the morning before work or a nice cup of matcha green tea latte from Alfred’s in Brentwood. No matter what happens when I get up in the morning, I try to make sure that my weekly planned “treats” for myself are scheduled like a work meeting so that I do not miss that break time I give to myself. As important as it is to work hard, it is also important for us to remember that we need small rewards throughout the week to remind ourselves that we are just as important as all the other priorities in our lives. Sometimes women forget to take care of themselves and put themselves on the back burner because they think there is no time. But as they say at my HIIT Burn60 workout class, 60 minutes of running and weights is only 4% of your 24 hour day. So why shouldn’t we make sure that 4% of our day is spent taking care of ourselves whether it is working out or sitting down for a nice cup of tea.

Recently, I discovered a relatively affordable line of jewelry from Joseph Nogucci that I like because of their messaging. For example, one of my favorites is the Joseph Nogucci Black Obsidian bracelet with a crystal accent. I love the look of the sleek all black obsidian stone simply knotted together with a bright crystal bead that you can wear as a reminder to take a minute during your day and close your eyes and find your zen place. This bracelet is just a good way for any busy woman to look down at her wrist and remember to take a few deep breaths and breathe. Sometimes that is all the time we have in between work, errands, and family and this pretty reminder on your wrist will help remind you to stop and take a breather for yourself.

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Giuseppe Zanotti Shearling Platform Sneakers

Giuseppe-Zanotti-Platform-high-top-shearling-sneakersOne of my favorite platform shearling high top sneakers this season came from Giuseppe Zanotti. What gal doesn’t want to keep her feet warm in the winter and gain an extra 1 1/2 inches in height right? In the all black color these platform sneakers with the 2 sided zip will be your favorite shoes for the rest of the winter. It is still cold in most places and if you are like me, your feet are always cold anyhow. I love the look of them because they have an all black heel and you can basically wear these shoes with anything.

Another alternative if you are looking for something a little more affordable check out the Converse faux shearling lined high top sneakers in black. On sale for $39.99 from $79.99 that is a pretty great deal. Get them here now.


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Silk Slip Dresses and Biker Boots for NYFW

Boho-chic-beanie-boots-styleNYFW is in full effect in New York City right now and many people are running around in their best boho chic looks. One of the favorites that we spotted for NYFW was the slip dresses with the biker boots with a slouchy sweater and a beanie. You can dress up the beanie with ears and wear a pair of biker boots with bedazzling. However you do it, make sure your slip is one that has great lace and a vibrant color. You want to stand out in this luxe meets grunge redux from the 1990’s. Courtney Love did this when Nirvana was hot, now you want to glam it up a bit if you want to do this for NYFW.

One of our favorites is the Stella McCartney silk chemise slip dress that is just as sexy under a sweater as it is alone for Valentine’s Day. After all the big V day is this Sunday. It is on sale for 50% off too here.

Another favorite is the Fleur du Mal cream silk chemise slip dress that has lace around the neckline and at the hem which can peak out under a v neck roomy pullover sweater with a pair of bike boots for that edgy yet sexy look. This one is also on sale for 50% off here.

The Eugenia Kim felix fur cat ear skull cap is a must have to round out the boho chic look. Eugenia Kim is the originator of this feline beanie and no one does it better. Get her beanie here.

Looking for that perfect slouchy sweater? You may already have one in your closet,but in case you don’t we love this one from Acne Studios because the brand’s ability to do minimalism is better than any other brand at the moment. You will pick this sweater up and wear it over a silk slip dress or over leggings or jeans and you will pack it on all your travels. This sweater will not be spending much time in your closet.

Last but not least you need those biker boots. We have a favorite. We love the studded Valentino biker boots because what would match better with a slouchy sweater and slip dress than these boots?

One you have your whole outfit of the day, you are ready for NYFW and or Valentine’s Day.




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Corso Como Faux Fur Lined Sneakers

corso-roma-9-fur-lined-sneakerThe Corso Como faux fur lined sneakers are the BOMB. I think they are the perfect winter weather sneaker because they have a double sided zip that you can zip up or down to show the faux fur lining on the inside and wear with your favorite cropped leather legging jeans or other cropped pants. These will keep you warm during the winter months and also during the wet El Nino winter. Get them in black or navy look great while dressed as comfortably as possible. Who doesn’t want to be stylish and comfortable at the same time? MADE in ITALY.

fur-lined-sneaker fur-lined-sneaker-2

Corso Como faux fur lined sneakers for $395

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Sweat NSK 40% off Activewear SALE online

SweatNSK-activewear-saleSweat NSK 40% off Activewear SALE online – go to to get 40% off activewear online from many brands such as LNA, Garbe Luxe, Vie Active, Alala, VPL, HPE, Onzie, Zoe Karssen, Chaser, Alternative Apparel and many other activewear and athleisure lines. Also use coupon code NEWCUSTOMER at checkout to get  an additional 20% off your total sale price. If you follow them on Instagram @sweatnsk you can also enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card and a tee shirt from Sub_Urban Riot.


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Asos Pom Pom Lace Up Pumps

lace-up-pumps Isabel-Marant-lace-up-flats

What could be cuter than the Asos Pom Pom lace up pumps? They look a lot like the Isabel Marant lace up flats and the Aquazurra lace up flats we all love and covet, but these are different because they have a 3 inch heel. For those of us shorter gals, a 3 inch heel makes a difference. And the style is the same other than the 3 inch heel. So if you are vegan and want something that is under $100, get this lovely pump to wear with leather pants or a dress for Valentine’s Day. These are sexy and sweet all at the same time.

Asos Pom Pom lace up pumps are on sale for $48

Isabel Marant Lace Up flats here.


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New Year New You Workout & Diet Ideas

TT_SWTNSK_A_23862New Year New You Workout Ideas & More – What are you doing to get in shape after the holidays? Did you eat too many buttermilk and pecan pies this holiday season? How were those peppermint barks and eggnogs? Did you have one more indulgence on New Year’s Day before putting it all away? Every New Year people start off with good intentions and then it all falls away by February 15th. Suddenly it is the long President’s Day weekend and everyone feels like they need to take a long weekend diet break and eat pizza again. Here are a few ideas on what to do to stay on track.

  1. Workout Daily – Working out daily might sound like a lot of work, but one way to approach working out is to not put too much pressure on yourself. Think of working out as something that you can gradually build upon daily. If you take your dog for a walk in the am before work, make sure the walk is brisk and takes you 20 minutes. Do that same walk after dinner with the dog and you just did 40 minutes worth of working out that day. Put in another 20 minutes after dinner while watching television. Instead of just sitting there and watching television get on the floor and stretch or do some planks and a few burpees. Do 2 minutes of planks and burpees during each commercial break. That will add up to 10 minutes of planks and burpees while you wait for your show to come back on. Taking the stairs or walking to lunch instead of driving is another way to get in some extra steps daily. A little adds up to a lot.
  2. Don’t Diet – Instead of dieting, make your lifestyle about eating well. In the am drink a full glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning and make egg whites with whole grain whole seed bread like Dave’s Killer Bread . This protein and fiber packed start to your day will give you tons of energy and keep you full so you won’t want to indulge in donuts in the break room at work. At lunch, make a conscious decision to eat a salad. Choose to eat a salad with a protein that you like. Eating a salad will add more fiber to your daily diet and you won’t feel exhausted and need a nap by the time lunch is over. Bring some Skinny Pop Popcorn in a ziploc bag to work and munch on it as a snack in the afternoon. A healthy snack will keep you satiated so you don’t run to the vending machines for a candy bar. At home, always prepare chopped vegetables and have them ready to cook or make into salads for dinner. Defrost those proteins you want to use for the evening in the fridge so that a healthy meal is less than 15 minutes away. This way you won’t be starving by dinner time and grabbing something unhealthy while waiting for dinner.
  3. Fun Activewear – Get some fun workout activewear to add to your wardrobe so you are motivated to get moving before or after work and on the weekends. Fun printed camo leggings and printed tees with fun messages  and a warm down camo print vest will make you look and feel great and want to get moving. My moto is “when you look great you also feel great.”
  4. Make Exercise and Eating Healthy Fun – Don’t think about getting in shape and eating better as a chore. Make eating well and being healthy a fun activity. Chop up vegetables in lots of fun colors and display them on a platter. Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring foods. Colorful green celery, red peppers, orange carrots make a pretty display when cut up with some hummus. Working out is fun when you take a brisk walk through an area full of stores with pretty window displays. As you have fun doing these activities, you will find yourself getting in shape in the New Year without any of it feeling like a chore.
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Hunter Wedge Rubber Rain Ankle Boots

Hunter-wedge-bootsHunter-wedge-rain-bootsHunter Short Wedge Rubber Rain Boots – the short rubber wedge boots are perfect for any weather and especially this el nino winter in Los Angeles. These boots have a 3.5 inch sturdy heel that will keep you on your feet even in the rainiest conditions will looking great with leggings, skinny jeans, cropped boyfriend jeans or a dress. However you wear these rubber wedge ankle boots, you will look stylish and stay dry this winter rain season.

Get the Hunter short wedge rubber boots here now.

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El Nino in Los Angeles with Hunter Rain Boots

Angelina Jolie red rain bootsEl Nino in Los Angeles with Hunter Rain Boots – People in Los Angeles dislike the rain and as a transplant from the east coast I still cannot understand the massive hysteria that goes along with a little bit of rain. Sometimes I miss weather in Los Angeles. Having grown up with large amounts of rain weekly and snow in the winters, changes in weather were just a fact of life. Since we do need the rain in Los Angeles, everyone should just be prepared for the rain and see it as a gift from mother nature and take the opportunity to buy some new rain boots for the next few weeks ahead. My favorite rain boots for this kind of rain is of course the Hunter Wellington rubber boots because they are such a classic. They come in all sorts of pretty colors and can be worn with any outfit in the rain. They will keep you dry from the rain or snow and you will look stylish too if you buy it in a fun color like yellow, red, pink, or light blue. If you want the Angelina Jolie look from the Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie then buy the red Hunter Wellington Boots.

I found some pretty light pink Hunter Wellington boots here.

If you want the sky blue Hunter Wellington boots go here.


For the red Angelina Jolie Hunter Wellington boots go here.

And if you are like our dog Lexi who doesn’t like the rain, curl up in a blanket on your bed and just stare out the window.

dog-does-not-like- rain

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