Soupure – Soup is an Alternative to Juicing

We have all gotten onto the juicing bandwagon and have either had a Kreation, Pressed Juicery, Clover, or Juiced Served Here at least once or twice a week. At $8-$12 a juice it is not inexpensive and supposed to be a full meal. When you do a workout that is intense like a Platefit where you workout doing bootcamp exercises on a PowerPlate or a Body by Simone where you do cardio dance routines for 60 minutes straight, you need real protein sustenance when you are done. Although the calories should not be high in your post workout snacks, you still need some type of mini meal that is 250 calories that packs in protein, fats and carbs in one. Recently, I discovered Soupure and like the alternative to fruit juices. Fruit juice smoothies have a lot of sugar and seldom have protein. When you add a protein whey powder to your smoothie at one of the juiceries, it is not always the healthiest alternative to a post workout meal. Soupure offers chickpea soups and also cashew nut meat protein packed smoothies that can give you everything you need post workout. This is the fast food I really like.