Trading in Sneakers for Valentino Rockstud Sandals

valentino-stud-sandalsAfter wearing my Asics running sneakers daily for a full year, I decided I needed to start wearing normal shoes at least a few times a week. Question was should I buy designer athleisure sneakers or actually buy real shoes? I decided owning another pair of designer Valentino sneakers may be the most prudent, but I did need to give my life a little variety and buy a pair of good looking, flat function non Birkenstock sandals. My choice were a pair of Valentino Rockstud sandals in a nude color that are great looking, comfortable, and functional. With the trifecta of comfort, looks, and function, how could I go wrong? I love the pink nude color of the sandals and the pretty rose gold colored studs. The comfort of a flat sandal that I could wear with a pair of Crippen trouser short and a Ulla Johnson silk blouse was an outfit of the day that could not be beat. With Global Warming, we hardly have rain or winter in Los Angeles anymore so these would definitely last me for many seasons to come.