Labor Day Weekend with Moon Juice & Sunny Blue in Los Angeles

Sunny-Blue-Omusubi-Los-AngelesThe Labor Day weekend started off with a rocky start because of a few work glitches that included a moving violation for rolling a Stop sign on Saturday, but we did not let that get us down. After a brief cry of salty tears, we resumed our day as planned. We still managed to get it started with a visit to our new favorite Omusubi place in Culver City called Sunny Blue. Sunny Blue has the most authentic omusubi we have tasted outside of Japan in Los Angeles. Choices include a fun tuna bacon flavor to traditional miso beef and hijiki shitake choices. We like to sit and eat them at the small friendly location in Culver City and then take some home for the rest of the week for quick grab and go lunches. Omusubi is a great lunch alternative to a regular sandwich or salad because it is totally portable and can be eaten warm or cold without too much more preparation beyond pulling the wrapping off. The small portable rice balls are relatively healthy since the portions are small and gluten free.


We then made a stop to our Goop favorite Moon Juice for a stock up on our favorite moon milks for the week. Moon Juice is a plant sourced and alchemy based juice place that offers an interesting array of snacks that are unlike any you have tasted from other juicing establishments. For example, our favorites include the coconut mylk and mango milk which taste like desserts, but are all natural. Their snacks include green fermented seed strips which are made from dried cabbage, daikon, and jalepeno which are quite filling and a fun savory snack for those mid day hunger pangs between lunch and dinner when you need a quick pick me up for under 120 calories. After all if you are doing montly unlimited classes at your local Pilates Platinum or Body By Simone, you gotta stick to the 80% diet and 20% exercise rule to stay in tip top shape.

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