Birkenstock Shearling Arizona Sandals for Fall

birkenstock-shearling-arizona-sandalsAre you ready for fall? As I watch the Philadelphia Eagles versus the Chicago Bears Football game on television tonight for Monday night football and realize it is 80 degrees on the East Coast in mid September, I am no longer under the impression we have global warming in the world. We experienced 99 degrees while watching the Rams football game against the Seattle Seahawks this weekend and I am certain it is going to be a warm fall. That being said, there will be some brisk mornings and with that said there is nothing more perfect that a pair of shearling sandals that let your toes breathe while keeping your feet warm when you are out walking your dog at 6:30AM no matter if you live in the West or the East Coast. My favorite are the all black Birkenstock Arizona 2 strap sandals with the black shearling lining. Imagine walking your dog in your cozy shearling sandals that you can slip right on with one eye open at 6AM. You can have your coffee, throw your Bandolier chain phone case over your shoulders, and walk right out the door with your Birkenstocks. Life could not get any easier. And you will be stylish since celebrities have been seen wearing their Birkenstocks and Bandolier phone cases all over Los Angeles and New York as of late.

My favorite is the all black shearling and black leather Birkenstocks here.