Giant Pizza Towel and Pizza Float for Summer Pool Parties

PizzaPizza has been on my mind lately // I spent 8 hours packing up our house yesterday for a remodel and ordered spinach skinny crust pizzas from Fresh Brothers. While it rained, I worked on packing up my whole house one room at a time while happily munching on pizza. It was a productive day. As I decluttered, packed and gave away things from every room of my house, I started thinking about summer break and things we might need for our summer beach days. Since it is snowing in Boston, New York, and Ohio at the moment and raining on the West Coast, it is a good time to stop and daydream about warmer weather and beach days.

My 2 must have items for summer are the Giant Pizza Pie towel that measures 5 feet x 5 feet and the Giant Pizza slice beach float. Nothing says summer like pizza pie parties. I love the Giant Pizza pie towel because it is round. Rather unusual for a beach towel and super fun. The float is a slice of pizza and looks great floating in the pool next to all the boring usual suspects.

Giant Pizza Pie towel is $26

Giant pizza slice is $35