Chanel Airplane Tops and Pants for Spring 2016

Chanel-airplaneLeave it to Karl to make airplanes on a top from Chanel not look like something you would buy your 3 year old from Gymboree. I cannot believe how much I want this odd, but luxurious looking short sleeve top from Chanel. Check out the athleisure airplane motif sweatpants. Those are kinda cool in the craziest way right? I can see Manrepeller wearing this ensemble and looking perfect in it. If I wore it I would look like the woman who didn’t know how to get dressed. The printed velcro strap Birkenstock like sandals top off the whole outfit in its utter absurdity and yet don’t you really really want the whole outfit and want to drag the silver $7000 Chanel carry-on suitcase through LAX or JFK?

If you want an alternative to this airplane ensemble, there isn’t one and maybe that is why it is so genius. Only thing I found was a dress from Modcloth with airplanes on it, but it was more of a rockabilly style versus this runway look. ¬†One other I found from Evangeline Clothing was a little chicer in its cut with airplanes just on the skirt of the dress. Other alternatives include men’s boxer shorts with airplanes from Tom & Teddy and an Anna Coroneo small wrist silk scarf with airplanes on it from Neiman Marcus. See what I mean? Karl is a genius! Say what you will about how absurd this whole outfit seems, but it is perfect in so many ways. The perfect tailoring and cut of the top and the sweatpants and the fabrics in which these airplanes have been printed make these pieces must haves for all of you Chanel collectors out there. Do you agree with me?