Adidas Custom Superstar Sneakers

custom-adidas-superstar-shoesEver think to yourself that bespoke or custom sneakers are only for people who own multinational companies? Do you think if only I owned a record label or a Silicon Valley company then I could have custom kicks? Recently I saw a woman wearing the coolest pair of custom Adidas sneakers and I asked her where she got them? She told me that she got them from I could not believe it since her sneakers had an ostrich print all over them and looked like a pair of $500 Italian sneakers. She told me that you could basically pick any color and any type of leather print to customize your own pair of sneakers. As soon as she told me, I got on the computer and played around to make my own pair of custom sneakers. After making about 10 pairs, I have narrowed it down to 2 pairs that I will actually have made for me. The shoes take 3-7 weeks, but the wait is worth it considering you will then have a one of a kind pair of sneakers made just for you. What could be better right? Here is a pair I have been playing around with online. Yay or nay?