El Nino in Los Angeles with Hunter Rain Boots

Angelina Jolie red rain bootsEl Nino in Los Angeles with Hunter Rain Boots – People in Los Angeles dislike the rain and as a transplant from the east coast I still cannot understand the massive hysteria that goes along with a little bit of rain. Sometimes I miss weather in Los Angeles. Having grown up with large amounts of rain weekly and snow in the winters, changes in weather were just a fact of life. Since we do need the rain in Los Angeles, everyone should just be prepared for the rain and see it as a gift from mother nature and take the opportunity to buy some new rain boots for the next few weeks ahead. My favorite rain boots for this kind of rain is of course the Hunter Wellington rubber boots because they are such a classic. They come in all sorts of pretty colors and can be worn with any outfit in the rain. They will keep you dry from the rain or snow and you will look stylish too if you buy it in a fun color like yellow, red, pink, or light blue. If you want the Angelina Jolie look from the Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie then buy the red Hunter Wellington Boots.

I found some pretty light pink Hunter Wellington boots here.

If you want the sky blue Hunter Wellington boots go here.


For the red Angelina Jolie Hunter Wellington boots go here.

And if you are like our dog Lexi who doesn’t like the rain, curl up in a blanket on your bed and just stare out the window.

dog-does-not-like- rain