Golden Goose Glitter High Top Sneakers

Golden-Goose-Deluxe-Brand-Glitter-high-top-sneakersGolden-Goose-Deluxe-Brand-Glitter-blue-high-top-sneakersGolden Goose Glitter High Top Sneakers – if there were every a holy grail of sneakers – never think that you need just a pair of Chanel or Valentino sneakers- you need the handmade in Italy distressed glitter pair of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers. These are special. People will ask what are those and where did you get them and you will answer – they are handmade in Italy. That’s right. These are special. Sort of like those unicorns that everyone keeps talking about lately in silicon valley. Anyhow, if you like to be low key buy the dark navy glitter ones. But if you want to wear these like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and shine, get the gold ones and wear them all throughout the holiday season and shine and then into spring with your linen tops and denim dresses and shine on.

Golden Goose Glitter high tops in navy blue here.
Golden Goose Glitter high tops in gold here.