Buscemi Black Leather Backpack

Buscemi Black Leather Backpack – if you have not seen the Buscemi black leather backpack or the Buscemi black leather high top sneakers then you may have been under a social media rock. Buscemi and the Greats Brand guys have been taking social media by storm and their well made Italian leather products may have something to do with it. Up until now I have sort of been a bystander when it came to checking out the Buscemi products on social media, but this new PhD backpack by Buscemi is something that had me jump to my feet and take notice. I love this bag because it evokes the feel of a Hermes birkin bag in its front pouch and on the detail of the lock on the side pockets. The backpack by Buscemi is their original design with just a few details that remind me of H. I think that is ok considering most companies will copy a font from a company they like so that consumers will get a subliminal message that they are shopping at the same type of store when they see that same font. Even with this slight similarity I have to say there are so many other differences that make this backpack so unique that it is definitely its own unique style. Bottom line is – I want one. I am sure you do. I want my birkin style backpack. The question is what color?

Buscemi Phd leather backpack for $2750 Barneys.com