Golden Goose Silver Glitter Sneakers

Golden-Goose-glitter-sneakersIf you are looking for a great looking pair of low top sneakers for summer look no further than the Golden Goose silver leather low top sneakers with the multi glitter stars. Last season’s all gold glitter high top sneakers were the bees knees for the holiday season, but this pair in a low top is perfect to wear with a pair of shorts and a tee to run around all summer. Look like you just walked off the boat from Capri even when you just ran around the corner to grab bagels for breakfast on a Sunday morning. No matter what you do in these sneakers you will feel like a star all summer into fall.


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Saks Bag Sale for Mother’s Day

Loeffler-Randall-triple-zip-bagAs you wonder what your kids have planned for you for Mother’s Day, don’t leave too much to guesswork and treat yourself to something you really want. Saks and Shopbop are having some great sales right before Mother’s Day and you may as well get what you want so that your Mother’s Day will work out just right. Here are few bags that I found on sale at Saks that seem great gifts for yourself for Mother’s Day:

Loeffler Randall Triple Compartment Cross Body bag on sale for $346.50. This bag is great because it has 3 compartments to keep everything safe, secure, and separated for any outing. I love this bag because it can be worn with casually or for a dressy occasion without too much distraction. The size is bigger than you think too at 10 x 8 x 6 it can hold everything you need for a day out.



A dressy option for bags on sale is the Diane Von Furstenberg beaded metallic envelope clutch for 70% off at $159.20. This minimalist silver tone clutch will work with a pantsuit or a body conscious dress like the Victoria Beckham blush dress to create an elegant ensemble for a graduation, wedding, or other important event in your life. At 9.5 x 5.25 x 1.75 it is not a tiny clutch and can hold an iPhone 6 easily while holding your car keys and some credit cards as well.


Last but not least is the Maiyet Como Satchel bag now on sale from $1950 for $1350 that is made in Italy and cut in a classic satchel silhouette with a removable shoulder strap that is perfect for travel or work. The pretty not quite navy hue is so perfect you will skip your black bags and opt for this bag on a daily basis. It is that good looking bag that you will want to use daily. Lined in suede and not too large, you can easily fit your daily work essentials in this bag.


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Victoria Beckham Perfect Blush Pink Dress for Mother’s Day

Victoria-Beckham-blush-pink-dressFor Mother’s Day, you deserve the perfect outfit for brunch after your early morning workout at The Class by Taryn Toomey. After you have worked out all your angst for the day, go home, shower, and put this perfectly pink blush dress by Victoria Beckham on with a sexy pair of Christian Louboutin nude pumps and you will be ready to go to that Scarpetta Beverly Hills brunch with your kids and husband in tow. After all it is Mother’s Day, you have to spend some time with your family.


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Whole Pizza Float Fits 8 People

8-Piece-Complete-Pizza-Pool-Float-Set-90645-08Summer is around the corner and even though it was snowing in Colorado this week, it has been warm in many places and summer is coming. By Memorial Day weekend you are going to want to have some fun pool toys to take to your friend’s house or have at your own home for a pool party. One of the best pool floats I have seen this year has got to be the WHOLE PIZZA PIE float. Yes you heard me right, it is a full pizza made up of 8 slices that detaches and attaches with bungee cords to form a whole pie. The photos tell the whole story. I think this is brilliant. The other food floats are also great. The Everything Bagel float and the Chocolate Chip Cookie float are also fun. This whole pizza pie is on sale here.

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10 Must Have Bags for Spring 2016

Kate-Spade-New-York-Cape-Jettie-BagKate Spade New York Cape Drive Jettie

The Jettie is all about petite femininity with scalloped flap and logo stamp providing just the right amount of flair to set off an ensemble without screaming at your audience to jump.

Jack Wolfskin Belmore 12

You can carry all of your essentials in this durable commutable bag with plenty of space left over. This Jack Wolfskin bag get the use of multiple interior pockets for added organization without any added fuss.

Kanken Mini Fjallraven 

This cute harajuku style bag is perfect for bringing back that schoolgirl look with a bit more utility. This Kanken mini gets you ready for the nightlife or the casual daytime excursion with poly fabric exterior and lining and plenty of interior and exterior pockets for organization.

Botkier Logan Convertible Wristlet

Young, sexy, and full of life, this Botkier Logan convertible gives you the most efficient use of a storage piece and accessory in one. Use this wristlet to add flair to any casual evening wear. The placement of the zippers give you not only a beautiful organizational structure for your essentials, but also a modern look for your evenings!

Agua Bendita Bendito Laurel Bag

One of the most charming and beautifully embroidered accessories for this season, the Laurel bag gives you accents on accents that liven up any ensemble. This is the art chic piece for the springtime.

Dolce and Gabbana Phone Bag

Dolce and Gabbana has always been known for incredible accessories, and this bedazzled phone bag is no different. Combine 100 percent leather with a beautiful jeweled arrangement and you have a bag that will catch the attention of all of your rivals without forcing you into an overbearing style. The bag seems small, but it will seem to expand for your small accessories.

Hobo Hobo Vida

The Hobo Vida line comes in a virtually unlimited amount of styles. Soft leather meets an even softer lined interior with two slips, places for six credit cards, and a back zipper. You wouldn’t know that this line has all of this room unless you really looked, because the streamlined form is one of the sleekest that Hobo Vida has ever produced.


ALDO Kolop makes you the center of the party without becoming a talking point. The bag gives you a unique glass bead texture and details made of rhinestones. You get a lined interior for easy access to your essentials and a detachable chain strap for different situations.

Michael Kors Small Riley Leather Cross Body Bag

Michael Kors gives you pebbled leather that you can wear anywhere. You get an exterior zip pocket for quick access to small accessories and an interior wall for the must have items that you do not need everyone to see. Wear it crossbody over your little black dress or by your side.

Rebecca Minkoff Micro Moto Satchel Bag

A beautiful leather exterior meets fringed accents and unique design to bring you perhaps the most eye catching small satchel bag of the year. Durable, petite and sexy, you will feel like you are carrying a $3000 piece everywhere you go.

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Giant Pizza Towel and Pizza Float for Summer Pool Parties

PizzaPizza has been on my mind lately // I spent 8 hours packing up our house yesterday for a remodel and ordered spinach skinny crust pizzas from Fresh Brothers. While it rained, I worked on packing up my whole house one room at a time while happily munching on pizza. It was a productive day. As I decluttered, packed and gave away things from every room of my house, I started thinking about summer break and things we might need for our summer beach days. Since it is snowing in Boston, New York, and Ohio at the moment and raining on the West Coast, it is a good time to stop and daydream about warmer weather and beach days.

My 2 must have items for summer are the Giant Pizza Pie towel that measures 5 feet x 5 feet and the Giant Pizza slice beach float. Nothing says summer like pizza pie parties. I love the Giant Pizza pie towel because it is round. Rather unusual for a beach towel and super fun. The float is a slice of pizza and looks great floating in the pool next to all the boring usual suspects.

Giant Pizza Pie towel is $26

Giant pizza slice is $35

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10 Things You Need For Music Festivals This Year

Caroline-Constas-Gabriella-Bustier-Off-Shoulder-TopHighbrow Square Cat Eye Sunglasses

Give the party a lift with stylish protection from the elements while you set yourself apart from the crowd! The square cat eye sunglasses make sure that you get the attention of the hottie dancing next to you.

Vintage 1990’s Oversized Army Camo Jacket

Bring back the 1990s just like the music is doing. Protect yourself from the elements and stay comfortable at the same time! This camo jacket gives you room for storage without weighing you down or forcing you to carry a whole lot of extra gear on your back. You may also end up having a great looking souvenir if you are attending a paint party!

Vintage 1970’s Brown Tooled Leather Handbag

Ladies, you will need to carry certain essentials around festivals. Keep your emergency water and face paint on your arm without burdening your back or getting in the way of your dance moves. You can also match this accessory to many of the others on this list, and you know that the durable leather can handle the sun, the paint, and the water that you might run into at the event!

Lacoste Mens Vintage Polo Shirt

You are sure to catch the attention of the DJ and that great looking person next to you with this stylish vintage shirt. Stroll the daytime acts in comfort and get ready for the main event later on. This is a great shirt to wear to look adventurous and alive without using up the truly unique gear that you want to save for the night shows and the afterparties.

Caroline Constas Gabriella Bustier Off Shoulder Top

Ladies, combine a unique look with a chic attitude with the Caroline Constas off shoulder top. Believe it or not, you will never have to worry about this top falling off, even if you are a hardcore dancer. You can open up your wardrobe and stay cool in the heat while maintaining your individuality in the crowd!

Vince Edina Flatform Sandals

If you want to stay cool in the hot festival sun, then start at the bottom. These Vince Edina sandals give you comfortable walking shoes, plenty of style, and the durability to stay on your feet for a long time.

Elizabeth and James Fingers Crossed Ring

Girls, here is the perfect accessory to complete your ensemble for the festival. Guys, this is a perfect gift to give away to that special someone that you find randomly so that they will remember you forever!

Madewell Petal Statement Necklace

Make the perfect statement at the festival using this Madewell petal as a statement that you are the center of attention.

Free People Movement Moonshadow Bralette

This is the perfect top to show off without showing too much. Look sexy with class!

Edith A. Miller Combo Crew Neck Mini Dress

This is the only dress that you can wear from the beginning of the festival to the end. Style, class, flair, and sexiness!

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Sandy Liang Floral Delacey Leather Jacket

Sandy-Liang-moto-jacketSandy Liang is a new talent out of New York City that is doing all kinds of edgy designs you have not seen before. Loving the pretty floral motif motorcycle leather jacket that mixes the edgy chic with a fun whimsical floral embroidery all over the jacket. Makes you want to wear this jacket all spring into fall with everything from floral dresses to black jeans. No matter what, this is a must have for spring.

Sandy Liang leather jacket here.

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Chanel Airplane Tops and Pants for Spring 2016

Chanel-airplaneLeave it to Karl to make airplanes on a top from Chanel not look like something you would buy your 3 year old from Gymboree. I cannot believe how much I want this odd, but luxurious looking short sleeve top from Chanel. Check out the athleisure airplane motif sweatpants. Those are kinda cool in the craziest way right? I can see Manrepeller wearing this ensemble and looking perfect in it. If I wore it I would look like the woman who didn’t know how to get dressed. The printed velcro strap Birkenstock like sandals top off the whole outfit in its utter absurdity and yet don’t you really really want the whole outfit and want to drag the silver $7000 Chanel carry-on suitcase through LAX or JFK?

If you want an alternative to this airplane ensemble, there isn’t one and maybe that is why it is so genius. Only thing I found was a dress from Modcloth with airplanes on it, but it was more of a rockabilly style versus this runway look.  One other I found from Evangeline Clothing was a little chicer in its cut with airplanes just on the skirt of the dress. Other alternatives include men’s boxer shorts with airplanes from Tom & Teddy and an Anna Coroneo small wrist silk scarf with airplanes on it from Neiman Marcus. See what I mean? Karl is a genius! Say what you will about how absurd this whole outfit seems, but it is perfect in so many ways. The perfect tailoring and cut of the top and the sweatpants and the fabrics in which these airplanes have been printed make these pieces must haves for all of you Chanel collectors out there. Do you agree with me?

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Model Off Duty Bomber Jacket

model-bomber-jacket model-bomber-jacket1Have you ever thought what is the model off duty look and how do I get it? The main pieces models are wearing these days seem to be bomber jackets, Nike tennis sneakers in all black, and black leggings with a faux rip. It is the new model off duty uniform. I love the look and wish I actually look like the 5 feet 10 inch models who carry the looks so well when I wear my trusty bomber jacket. Anyhow, it doesn’t really matter because we should all try to put our own unique stamp on our looks no matter how tall or short we are.

Here are some of my favorite bomber jackets for that look that we have been seeing everywhere from Paris Fashion Week to New York Fashon Week.

Topshop black nylon bomber jacket for $110

Forever 21 bomber jacket for $27.90

Nike black sneakers for $105

Nesh Torn Ripped Leggings for $163

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